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Yobitrust is a multidisciplinary team start-up using mathematics tools to analyze variable data and develop algorithms for artificial intelligence for (i) secured data storage (ii) developing customised solutions to your data set and problem (iii) optimising your future work. Yobitrust has a Data Innovation lab for research and development combining Big Data and Data Science that can tackle 4 main themes: Cybersecurity, Smart City, Healthcare and Internet of Things. Yobitrust also offers a cutting-edge training to become a Data Scientist and/or a Big Data Architect. Our team stems from a scientific ecosystem with international experts in distributed computing, cloud computing, and health sciences. Yobitrust provides a solution to private and public institutions to better understand their data enable its clients to adapt optimise their work flow, better train the staff and save ressources.

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The amount of data we generate is increasing exponentially. There is a need to develop skills to be able to optimize our ability to tackle the upcoming challenges. A significant number of Data Scientists, Big Data Architects will be needed in a near future. The challenges offer new opportunities. The training offered by Yobitrust enable you to reach an unprecedented level of knowledge and skills in the field of Big Data.


Yobistrust is here to support your approach in Data collection and analysis. We have 4 main domains of expertise: Cybersecurity, Smart City, Healthcare and Internet of Things. Other applications can be settled by our team of experts. We consider several types of partnerships from R&D collaboration to fee for services.


You are interested to perform your internship study in a dynamic start-up? You wish to gain knowledge in Big Data at the same time? You think you can bring value to our organization?

Our Team


Founder and CEO of YobiTrust. A data scientist and probabilistic expert with >15 years experience in leading Big Data projects (Allianz, EDF-GDF, L’Oréal, Thales, EADS). He was managing the “behavioral analysis of fraud via the Internet” at the GIE as well as working for the Laboratory of Theoretical and Applied Statistics in Paris. His specialities are dimensionality reduction, weak signals detection and bayesian networks applied to cybersecurity.



Scientific Manager at Yobitrust. She holds a Ph.D. in biological sciences and biotechnology from the University of Monastir and is interested in genetic characterisation of rare skin diseases. She currently works at The Comprehensive Cancer Center in San Francisco. She is interested in the combination of genetic information and other datasets in rare conditions to better understand more common diseases.



Operational Manager at Yobitrust. She holds a Ph.D. in human biology from the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis. Her work has focused on the understanding of risk factors associated with consanguinity in Tunisia. She is currently working on the establishment of the prenatal diagnosis of certain inherited metabolic diseases and predictors of response to treatment in cancer. She is involved in most activities in Tunisia.



Co-Founder and COO of Yobistrust. A biologist with expertise in health and diseases during human lifespan. A globe-trotter (France, Canada, Germany), becoming in 2011 Director of a research group in Singapore (A*STAR). He has published >120 scientific articles and is part of various clinical studies in collaboration with MNC: Sanofi, Nestle, Merck, Sengenic, BD. He is now working in large dataset analysis to understand human biology.


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Yobistrust main office is in Tunisia and covers all Africa. Yobitrust has an Europe office (Paris), an Asian office (Singapore) and an North American office (San Francisco). Our services are offered in four continents.

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Address: Technopark El Gazala Route de Raoued Km 3.5, 2088 Ariana, Tunisie.

Phone: (216) 22516294